Zippy Sealz Smell Proof Retail Bags-50 Black, 50 Blue & 50 Silver-Small
Blue, Silver & Black vibrant coloured unmarked Bags

Zippy Sealz Smell Proof Retail Bags-50 Black, 50 Blue & 50 Silver-Small

Item ID:  42-031-ZM 150 Mixed Small

Zippy Sealz Small mixed colour Smell-Proof Retail Bags include 50 Black, 50 Blue & 50 Silver Bags. The 3 colours give your customers options and a way to identify similar food items without the need for labelling. The variety of colours allows you to see which colours are most popular for reordering purposes.

The sleek box design saves valuable counter space while the pop-up back advertises and draws attention to your bags.

About this Product:

    • 150 x 5" w x 4.25" h Smell Proof Food Bags-(50 Black, 50 Silver & 50 Blue).
    • Vibrant solid colours with no markings or advertising for extra discretion.
    • Two individually closing blue zippers which create an airtight extra-strong seal to keep air out and odours in.
    • Reusable, resealable, and 100% leak-proof design.
    • 2 layers of proprietary blended 100 um food-grade materials making Zippy Sealz Bags extra strong, tear-proof, washable and puncture-resistant.
    • Also available in individual colours and with Countertop Display Boxes.
    • Volume discounts are available. Please enquire.
    • **Display boxes are NOT included with this item.


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