V 3 Hanging Plexi Barriers- 36" H x 47.5" W
Adjustable height-great for any desk or counter-Can hear customers speak clearly

V 3 Hanging Plexi Barriers- 36" H x 47.5" W

Item ID:  CSG-V3-47.5-HSC
Our 36" H x 47.5" W Hanging Plexi Barriers with pre-drilled holes Include: Wires, Crimps, Ceiling and/or Surface Mounts 

  • Made of PETG /Plexi which is crystal clear, will not crack and is much stronger than standard Plexiglass. Lighter weight makes it easier to hear customers talk through.
  • Shield will hang from to Drywall, Wood, T Bar or any other ceiling type-we supply your ceiling solution and apparatus free with purchase.
  • Can be mounted onto surfaces or tops of of booths 
  • Adjustable height  from counter surface. 
  • Multiple shields can be clipped together and lined up side by side. (we have clips) and attached to booth or flat surfaces with our base stands.


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