Reusable Clip In Sign Holders 3" W x 5" H
C-CIS-4 Sign is inside. Plastic backing is clipped into plastic shelving cover

Reusable Clip In Sign Holders 3" W x 5" H

Item ID:  C-CIS-4 Clip In Sign Holders
Boost your sales by describing your products with vibrant printed signage that clips into our BWI Shelving Clip In Shelf Sign Holders. 25/Pack

Our  Reusable C-CIS-4 3" W X 5" H Clip In Sign Holders are the perfect size to hold both your label at the top and your signage below.
The clear plastic top clips into your shelf grooves or label cover while the bottom part hangs below and holds your sign. Reusable plastic wipes clean for repeated use anywhere in your store!
Custom Sizes may be available upon request-Free Samples available  


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