Reusable Assorted 6 Bottle Bags-Reg Dividers 100/Case
Reusable 6 Pack Cloth Bottle Bag with Collapsible Dividers-Red Beer, Black Whiskey, Grey Wine & Blue Whiskey

Reusable Assorted 6 Bottle Bags-Reg Dividers 100/Case

Item ID:  BGS-6RD-Mix
This assortment of 6 Bottle Bags includes 25 Red, 25 Black, 25 Grey & 25 Blue Reusable Non Woven Cloth Bottle Bags. 
They are 13" Wide x 14" High x 8" Deep and have 6 Collapsible Dividers that will hold up to 6 Standard Wine/or other Beverage Bottles with room to spare or a 12 pack of Beer or Drinks and 2 Large bottles.

The dividers collapse/fold up to use as a grocery bag as well. The Fabric is 100 gms strong with back stitching and cross stitched handles for extra strength. 100/Case


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