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Photo courtesy of Squamish Liquor Store – Heartland Group

If you own a liquor store or a group of stores you have probably already heard of BWI Business World as a premier supplier of specialty items in the LRS industry.

We are very well known for our exclusive products such as beautiful vibrant bright starbursts, white and coloured easy peel labels and a variety of exclusive reusable plastic promo tags that clip onto shelves and promote specials and messages such as “Staff pick”, “New Item” and “Also In Cooler” as well as beverage types such as “Gluten Free” or Organic.

As a preferred supplier for Able BC, we have always been front and centre to carry your liquor store needs. We carry the products you need when you need them!

Even though we have always carried the necessities that liquor stores need for POS systems, front of house and office, for the past 10 years we have been continually adding specialized liquor store products requested by you to our portfolio.

As the private liquor stores sector grew, the sky began to open up for us. Whether it was a new liquor store that wanted to launch with top of the line display shelving or an older one that needed work to bring it up to date, the amount of business at BWI exploded. Stores needed our exclusive custom cut plastic shelving strips and backings, liquor store bags, ice bags, promotional & custom shelf talkers, signs and tagging, country flags, starbursts... The list goes on and on.

As we discovered our new niche market and continued to please our liquor store owners with our unique and useful items, we knew we were on the right track. To date we continue to help liquor stores market their products while assisting their owners in fixing up their displays and shelving. They rave that their stores look great while we save them both time and money. Who doesn’t like that?

BWI is the One Stop Shop for you liquor store owners. If you have not seen our full product line as of yet, it is time you definitely check it out.

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