Hanging Gift Bag & Retail Merchandise Stands
Bag Stand with Reusable Bottle Bags hanging from hooks.
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Hanging Gift Bag & Retail Merchandise Stands

Item ID:  Stand-Gift bag Hanging Stand

BWI Hanging Gift Bag/Retail Merchandise Stands are the perfect way to advertising that you have a vast assortment of Bottle Gift Bags, Reusable Bags, Cork screws and Openers for sale for your customers to purchase. 

Each stand has 12 hooks to hang up to 12 bags or other merchandise from and hangs vertically to save on your valuable store space.

They are so versatile that you can Nail them to your wood or walls, Clip them over your shelves or racking with the metal clip at the back, or Suction them onto your cooler glass with the suction cups which are sold separately. 


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