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About Us

Welcome to BWI Business World Inc.
Thank you for visiting our website. We trust you will find it both helpful and informative.

We are a 23 year strong, locally owned and operated wholesale supplier, manufacturer and distributor of products.for the hospitality, liquor and retail industries.

Whether you need paper rolls for your POS and debit machines, ink and toner for your printer or your retail store's shelving brought up to date with organized labels and signage, we know that it's the little things that count.

Our business began with supplying pubs, restaurants, night clubs, and service centres with wholesale priced paper and ink products for their printers along with great customer service and fast delivery . We later added hotels, grocery and other retail stores to our client base taking care of each and every customer with individual service.

When liquor stores became privatized, we discovered our new niche. We then became involved store by store helping install professional shelf strips, labels and signage on store shelving and displays. This fresh clean new look was very desirable and spread out into the grocery stores, gas stations, bakeries and various other retail stores wanting to update their locations.

Over many years and lots of hard work we attribute two key factors to the growth of our business and product portfolio: Our customers and our staff. While listening to you the customer and with the commitment of our staff, we have been able to meet our customer’s needs and provide the one on one service you should expect.

As some already know, while offering exclusive professional products, and wholesale pricing, we warehouse your daily operational products that you can’t do business without. Knowing the hospitality, retail and distribution sectors as well as we do, we are able to assist in personalizing your business and make it stand out.
  On behalf of everyone at BWI Business World we thank you for your continued customer support.